Basic CRM

You have to make new contacts, generate leads, maintain relationships with current customers while also keeping track of everything and creating reports? Basic CRM tools help you to simplify the process rather than complicate it. We provide you with everything you need to start with a Basic CRM System.

  • we model one business process so that you’ll have to do less data handling and have more time to sell. We can do that within 2 days
  • we customize Accounts, Contacts and one additional Object so that all the customer data is flexible and in one place. We can do that within only 5 days
  • we create your logins & setup access rights so that your data is safe, and no one can steal it
  • we train some end-users, so that you can be sure that data is entered efficiently and in time. We can do that within 1/2 day
  • we train your administrator, so that you are going to have a person who can do the adjustments onsite. We can do this within 1/2 day
  • we support you when you go live so that you are not alone, and the live process will go smooth. We can do that within 2 days

7500 €*

15 days and you can start with your CRM, just for

*For the new customers only